5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Holiday Food Eating Facts

  • It is easy for holiday eating to turn into holiday OVER-eating.
  • We gain 1-2 pounds during this time and don’t lose it come January.
  • Research also shows those who are already overweight gain an average of 5 holiday pounds that don’t come back off and add up year after year.

Tip #1: Don’t Skip Meals

  • Don’t attempt to restrict intake leading up to the holidays…this will only make you more likely to overeat once the holiday meals come.
  • Practice well-balanced and healthful eating leading up to the holidays, including adequate fruits, vegetable, lean proteins, high fiber foods and whole grains.

Tip #2: Avoid Overeating…Moderation is key!

  • Enjoy, Stop, Think
  • Smaller plate, smaller portions
  • Drink water throughout the day, dehydration can be mistaken for hunger
  • It IS possible to have too much of a good thing
  • Balance portions on your plate
  • Moderation applies with dessert too – One whole piece of your favorite  dessert, or two half-sized pieces if you can’t decide

Tip #3: Veggies First

  • First fill your plate with vegetable and salad options before adding the entrees and desserts to the plate.
  • ↑ vegetables + ↓ entrees & desserts = ↓ calories, ↑ fullness, satisfaction, nutrients

Tip #4: Play Your Part

  • Bringing a dish? Make it a healthy option!
  • Sides: Fruit or vegetable tray, salad, roasted vegetables
  • Entrée: Lean meat, whole grain pasta, beans

Tip #5: Stay Active